Web Site

We collect and store IP addresses of users accessing the sharebearr.com web site.

Data Location

ShareBearr stores data in the United States of America. You must consent to transferring your data to the USA and us storing it there.

Data Storage

Data submitted to ShareBearr is stored in a database on a single server. This data may be deleted after the ShareBearr room it is associated with has been inactive for some time or is expired. Room passwords are encrypted with standard practices.


The only cookie used in ShareBearr is a single first party cookie that is critical for the authentication functionality of the site.


No data on ShareBearr is shared with any third parties. User-submitted data in ShareBearr rooms is visible to anyone with the room URL. No ShareBearr rooms should be used for sensitive data, including rooms with password protection. All data is transmitted securely with HTTPS.

Information Deletion

If you would like your information permanently deleted, please contact us at contact@sharebearr.com.


Please send all inquiries to contact@sharebearr.com.